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Maixner, LLC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Maixner, LLC, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Our professional services include:

Tax Services

A full range of tax services including consulting, planning and the preparation of current and past year tax returns for corporations, partnerships, individuals, estates and trusts is offered. Clients benefit from a commitment to sophisticated technology, continuing education, and our extensive library should the need for research arise. Representation before Internal Revenue Service and all state and local authorities is available in the event of tax deliquencies, audits or to resolve notice or payment issues.

Payroll Services

This service reduces what can be one of the most burdensome administrative tasks to a phone call, e-mail or fax. In addition to direct deposit or checks and pay stubs, this service includes helpful, easy to use reports and all services outlined in preparation of payroll tax returns. Time card calculation is also available.

Preparation of payroll tax returns

All payroll tax returns and reconciliation reports required by federal, state and local tax agencies are prepared ready for your signature. W-2s are also prepared and are ready for mailing or distribution to your employees.

Client write-up services

Proper recordkeeping provides a firm foundation for accurate financial and tax reporting and is the basis of sound business planning and decision-making. Client write-up services insures your business will have the records vital to all well-run businesses. You will receive monthly financial statements allowing you to track your business’ progress and make informed decisions.

Accounts payable checkwriting services

Accounts payable checkwriting services provides an affordable, efficient alternative to the drudgery of paying bills. Checks are prepared for payment of bills you have approved and are delivered ready for your signature. Accompanying each check are vendor remittance copies and an envelope addressed to the vendor. You will also receive reports that detail checks issued and information necessary to maintain your checkbook balance.

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